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Lawn Maintenance in Hampton Roads

Lawn Mowing

The Lawn Barber offers lawn mowing as a premier lawn maintenance service in Hampton, Newport News, and the surrounding areas. Before each mowing, trash and debris will be removed. Mowing will be performed every 7-14 days, depending on growth rate. A turf height between 2 1/2 -3 1/2 inches will be maintained for tall fescue, and 1 1/2 to 2 inches for warm season grasses, without removing more than 1/3 of the total leaf blade height. The mowing direction will be alternated each visit, whenever possible, to prevent compaction and enhance your lawn’s appearance. Our equipment is maintained under a regular schedule to ensure excellent working conditions and safety.

Lawn Care

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is an important lawn maintenance service in Hampton Roads. All leaves will be removed from all maintained turf, walks, drives and parking areas as needed but no less than 2 times during the contract period, in January, November or December. The price of leaf removal is $50.00 per man-hour. Since the volume of leaf fall cannot be estimated in advance, a price for removal cannot be quoted prior to service date. If requested, we will call with a quote at the time of service. Please note this does not include "Spring and Fall Cleanups".

Spring and Fall Clean-up

A cleanup crew will remove leaves from existing mulched beds, other non-mulched planting and flowerbeds, shrubs, groundcover. This lawn care service will be performed at the beginning of the spring, and end of the fall season. Leaves will be composted on site or hauled off, if requested by the owner. Please call us for a free estimate for your spring and fall cleanups.



If you have low spots, ruts, or pour soil content in your yard, you may consider topsoil to correct the concern. We use high quality sifted topsoil that helps promote healthy plant growth. Taking care of topsoil is an important aspect in lawn maintenance.

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Leaves are very acidic. They should not be left on turf for extended periods.

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