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Landscape Design

Our Landscape Architect will make an appointment with you to sit down and go over your needs. After listening to your ideas, he will make recommendations of plant material and products that will both enhance the aesthetical appearance and thrive in the landscape.

We will set up a time with you about a week later to review the landscape design and make any modifications to the plan you request. A final plan and proposal will be submitted 1 – 2 days later for your approval.

Due to the amount of time and expertise that goes into a plan, please note that all designs have a fee associated with them. After the initial consultation with our Landscape Architect; if you choose to have us draw up the designs, payment for the plans must be received prior to them being drawn. Prices for the plans are dependent on several factors including: size of plan, number of plants and products, and detail. Though there is no set price for plans, the average is normally between $200.00 and $400.00.

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Mulching grass clippings puts about 10% of needed nutrients back in the lawn.

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