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We understand that this type of work is very demanding. Long hours in extreme weather conditions are the norm for our team members. Because of this it’s important for us to find the right type of person for this line of work. Having a great attitude with a positive, honest work ethic is a must for us. We are fortunate to have some of the most positive, upbeat team members I’ve ever known. If you were to come to our shop first thing in the morning, you would see our group quickly preparing their trucks and equipment for the day, reviewing their routes, and then have a great time talking and laughing with each other before heading out to complete the days route. None of them are finished until all of them are finished, which is an ideal that they have adopted on their own. Having this type of work atmosphere pours into the type of work they do for our clients. When the environment at work is positive, the work being performed is also positive. In addition to their attitudes and work ethic, all of our team members have:

Education and Training

When you hire The Lawn Barber to service your lawn and landscape, you can rest in knowing that all of our team members have been properly trained for the tasks in which they’re performing. Before ever going out into the field, all lawn and landscape maintenance technicians complete a minimum of 8 hours training on our company’s policies and procedures. Once they have completed the training course, they are placed with an experienced technician for a minimum of an additional 80 hours in the field before being permitted to perform tasks unsupervised. We encourage all team members to continue educating themselves in our ever-changing industry. We offer advanced training for them several times through the year and require them to attend at least two annually in order to stay up to date with the latest tools and technologies of the trade. We do this because the more knowledgeable our team members are, the better we can meet the needs of our clients.


All field team members are required to wear company uniforms with respective safety protection, as well as be well groomed. Though that seems like this should go without saying, there are many companies that don’t seem to recognize this as a professional industry.

Respectfulness and Courtesy

Being in a service industry, the last thing a client wants is to see someone performing work for them with a poor attitude. You can expect that all Lawn Barber team members will complete all tasks in not only a professional properly trained manner, but also with a positive attitude. Any time there is a question or concern about the service being performed or additional services requested, our team members are here to help. Though they may not know the answer to every question you have, they will get you to a person who can give you the answers you need.


If your foundation plants are overgrown, widening the beds by two feet will make the shrubs seem smaller.

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