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5 Tips on What NOT to Do to Your Lawn

Tired of seeing unkempt weeds growing out from the cracks of your drive?

Have absolutely NO time on your weekends to spend outside replanting a flower bed with laundry to be done? PTA meetings to attend? Or maybe just a football game you’ve been dying to watch?

Whether you're in need of a knowledgeable landscaping company to provide you these answers or maybe just a few extra hands to help ease all of the tougher work off of your shoulders, The Lawn Barber is your go-to company for all of your lawn care and maintenance needs.

We specialize in year-round lawn-mowing, mulch, hardscaping, shrub trimming, tree removal services and more! From Newport News to Hampton, York County and any of the surrounding peninsula, we strive to be the professionals you call on and refer to all of your friends with our top-of-the-line quality service.

1. Don't "Scalp" Your Lawn

We all know that cutting your lawn short means you’ll have a little extra time between cuts – but grass isn’t like hair. Cutting it too short or scalping your grass can damage the root systems.

Studies show that allowing your grass to be cut high (at least 2/3 of a leaf blade) can allow your grass roots to grow deeper and take in the nutrients they need to give you a fuller, thicker, more beautiful lawn.

2. Don't Rake – Mulch!

Do you love the Fall? The scent of pumpkin spice lattes and watching the leaves change color, only to realize that soon you’re going to have a lot of work on your hands when they actually fall? Fear not!

Scientists from Michigan State University have said that instead of raking your leaves in the autumn, your best bet is to mulch them up. Doing this will stop weed seeds from germinating in the bare spots on your lawn that die out over the course of winter and provide ample nutrients to the rest of the lawn.

3. Don't Use Dull Blades

When spring time arrives, it’s important to make sure you start off a fresh lawn mow with sharp, if not brand new blades. Cutting grass with a dull bladed mower can leaded to water loss and decreased photosynthesis (AKA dead grass).

You should look at having your blades sharpened at least twice a year.

4. Don't Poison Your Lawn

Herbicides and pesticides are a fact of life, especially if you live out in rural areas where insects and weeds can become a big problem. These chemicals however, do more than just harm the environment – ultimately they harm your lawn as well.

Eco-friendly resources such as simply mowing over dandelions or using “natural” weed killers that can be picked up from most stores (combine vinegar, alcohol and unscented dish detergent for example) are a much healthier way to help stave off nasty weeds without destroying the beauty of your yard.

5. Don't Mow in the Middle of the Day

Mowing too early or even at noon has been known to cause issues with keeping your grass green, not to mention in the summer that mowing in the middle of the day can sometimes be excessively unbearable.

Mow instead in the late afternoon or early evening so as to keep your body cool and destressed as well as your lawn, also wait until this time of day in the summer heat to water your lawn if necessary, as watering during the middle of a hot day will just evaporate.


Mulching grass clippings puts about 10% of needed nutrients back in the lawn.

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